Renting Policy

Our Renting Terms & Condition for Servers/Desktops & Laptops

  1. All the rented SERVERS will be installed at office  Josiah Technology Pvt. Ltd Adress:
  2. There will be an inspection of physical computer systems in every 15 days installed at  office of “Service User”
  3. All the rented SERVERS will be used by “Service User” with a clean power and in neat working conditions.
  4. “Service User” will not make any changes to the hardware of rented SERVERS.
  5. Rented SERVERS can’t be moved (in/out) from the “Service User” Plot No XYS Udyog Vihar Phase-2, Iffcol Chowk, Gurgaon  without the permission of “Service Provider”.
  6. “Service User “ would be solely responsible for any damage caused to the rented SERVERS or any other product taken on hire from DOTLINE INFORMATICS PVT.LTD. due to fire, Theft, Burglary, Earthquake, floods or any other unforeseen reason, and accordingly would be liable to pay the cost of the same as per the Current value of the product. The Current Value of product is mentioned in SECTION 2.1.
  7. The current value of the Computer System is always mentioned on the Delivery Challan enclosed with the model no. & Serial Numbers as on day of supply. Average cost of each rented computer is Rs. 22,500/-
  8. Any operational problem should be reported to DOTLINE INFORMATICS PVT.LTD. & complaint no. will be provided to the user.
  9. No Software would be provided with rented SERVERS.
  10. DOTLINE INFORMATICS PVT.LTD. would not be responsible for any loss of data due to any reason.
  11. All Payments should be made by crossed cheque /DD in the name of DOTLINE INFORMATICS PVT.LTD..
  12. In case the computer are returned before the contract period i.e. 3 Years, 50% of the

Rental will be charged for the remaining period.

  1. All disputes subject to Gurgaon, Haryana jurisdiction.
  2. Seal put on the SERVERS should not be tempered, if the seal is found tempered any problem in the equipment would be the responsibility of the Josiah Technology Pvt. Ltd
  3. Every complaint will be closed within 1  business days.
  4. DOTLINE INFORMATICS PVT.LTD.would not afford any type of claim for misbehaviour action of our products or any types of loss of your products.
  5. Upon expiry of the Agreement period granted herein, the “Service User“ shall have the liberty to approach the “Service Provider“ or for any extension thereof, which shall be on mutually agreed terms between the parties. Or at the end of the tenure of the contract all equipments should be in good physical condition.
  6. Hiring charges will continue till full compensation is paid to DOTLINE INFORMATICS PVT.LTD., in case of any Damages.




  1. Subject to the provisions of Lease, the “Service User” shall deliver (handover) the rented SERVERS to the “Service Provider” on expiry of the lease period or any extension thereof in the same condition in which it is let out simultaneous with the return of the security deposit cheque (subject to condition of settlement of all dues/bills by “Service User”) previously authorized by “Service Provider.
  2. The “Service User”at the time of possession of rented SERVERS shall see that all the rented SERVERS are in perfect working order, nothing is broken or missing. The “Service User”shall be responsible to restore them in the same condition as at the time of this lease commencement.
  3. The “Service Provider”shall handover all the parts of computer (i.e. power cable, TFT, CPU Box, Key board, Mouse etc.) received on possession of the rented SERVERS to the “Service User”. The “Service User”shall keep and use all rented SERVERS and its parts safely. In case of loss of any of the part by “Service User”, the “Service User”shall bear the cost of the change of the same parts of all the rented SERVERS.
  4. In case the “Service User”doesn’t  handover (return) the physical possession of the leased/rented SERVERS immediately on expiry of the lease, without prejudice to the right of “Service Provider”to get the leased/rentedSERVERSreturned, it shall be liable to pay a monthly penal rent of Rs. 5000/- over and above the actual monthly rent for the duration of delay in returning the rented SERVERS, to the “Service Provider”, as liquidated damages for the period it remains in unauthorized possession of the leased/rented SERVERS after the expiry of lease.




    1. In the event of “Service User “failing to pay rent hereby resolved for a period of 1 month or committing the breach of any of the terms of deed and if within five days after written notice the “Service User“has failed to remedy such breach, the “Service Provider“shall be entitled to terminate the lease and take the full possession of all rented SERVERS from the “Service User“. The “Service Provider “shall also have the right to adjust all unpaid rents and dues against the security deposit held.“Service Provider” in such case should be presenting the cheque (security deposit) in its bank and recover the damages against breach and unpaid dues by “Service User”.


    1. The “Service User“ shall also be entitled to terminate the lease before the expiry by giving onemonths’ notice in writing to the “Service Provider“ of its intention to terminate the lease of rented SERVERS. The “Service Provider“shall also have right to terminate the lease by giving one month notice to the “Service User“.




    1. That it will pay the rents regularly and duly carry out its obligations as “Service User” as per the above. The rent should be paid by “Service User” to “Service Provider” on 19h of every month during the lease period.
    2. That upon receipt of any notice or order from any authority relating to the leased/rented SERVERS or the “Service Provider”, the “Service User” shall cause the same to be delivered to the “Service Provider” and shall also comply with the same so far it relates to the “Service User’s” obligations under this deed of lease and in regards to the leased/rented SERVERS.




    1. You are the lawful holder of the rented SERVERS and have the right, title and power to grant the lease in respect of rented SERVERS free of encumbrances, restrictions whatsoever from any third party which have not been disclosed in writing to us prior to execution of this deed.
    2. The “Service Provider” shall simultaneously with receipt of rent amount give a rent receipt to the “Service User” in the format prescribed by law.
  1. NOTICE:


    1. That any notice required to be served upon the “Service User” shall be sufficiently served and given if delivered to it at the address first given above and duly acknowledged by the “Service User”.


    1. That any notice which may be required to be served upon the “Service Provider” shall be sufficiently served and given, if delivered by registered AD Post at the address first given above.


    1. That in the event of dispute, if any, the Lease Agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Gurgaon, in the state of Haryana.


Ashish Virdy